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urlgallery is a kparts plugin for the konqueror web browser used by KDE. it allows you to sequentially step through uniformly named urls with the click of a button.

for example: you have files named 001.html, 002.html, 003.html:
you start konqueror on 002.html. urlgallery enables you to both increment the url to 003.html and decrement it to 001.html with a single mouse click.

there is only one catch. its is highly reccomended that you change the "Minimize memory usage:" setting on the "File Manager" tab of Konqueror's configuration to "Never". for an more detailed explanation of why, read the dcop bug on the bugs page

the url_gallery plugin adds three buttons to your konqueror main toolbar:

url++ (increment) url-- (decrement) urlgallery properties

url++ and url-- are fairly self-explanitory. the third button accesses the url_gallery properties dialog. this dialog allows you to control the stepsize used by url++ and url--, as well as to set whether to preserve leading zeros.

the preserve leading zeros function is not perfect, it only pads the url with zeros to make it the same length as the url before it. with it turned off, url++ on 001.html would become 2.html. with it turned on, url++ on 99.html would give 100.html. if you then pressed url--, it would try to connect to 099.html. this may not be desireable.

because of the fallacies of konqueror and DCOP, the first time you press url++ or url-- on a new konqueror window, a dialog will pop up asking you which DCOP interface you want to connect to. it will show you both the DCOP interface and the active url in that window. select which window you are viewing and hit okay. any help eliminating this feature(sic) would be greatly appreciated.


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